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Our services

IHOS offers an integrated service based on risk assessment, conceptual proposal, design, delivery and commission interfaces between multiple parties, and enables customers to deal with one entity.

Safety Management

IHOS offers you a range of services to prepare and guide your internal and external safety management. If your organization is not yet VCA or ISO 45001 certified or you need to prepare your RI & E, then IHOS is the right partner for you.
Several organizations have used our services to bring internal safety policy to a code and to include their suppliers in the process.
In consultation with you, IHOS will make an assessment of your organizational structure, in which we naturally also check immediately whether you are not subject to any risk of fines under current legislation, for example for incorrect RI&E. IHOS guides you to a strong foundation in your company in the field of safety and safety awareness.

Planning or assessment

Nobody disputes the necessity of properly setting up safety for visitors, employees and your location, but how can we shape this in a real way
There are laws and duties that are specifically imposed on event organizers to ensure that safety is guaranteed, but is this the right way for your event and can it also be applied, or do we need a different approach? Of course you need to know your legal duties and responsibilities, so that you understand what is required to deliver a safe event, but you are also properly guided and advised on this or do you have the idea that you are in a court case?
Your event requires well-written risk assessments and a specific plan tailored to your event. Do you have the time and knowledge to do the analysis, planning, emergency evacuation planning or other specialist subjects yourself? No, consider using the services of IHOS, which has a team of professionals who can support you or handle this entire process for you.

Crowd Safety Management

is the assessment of the functions for processing people of a room prior to its use. This includes the evaluation of projected levels of occupation, adequacy of access and exit structures, processing procedures such as ticket collection and expected types of activities and group behavior.
To achieve this, powerful plans for managing crowd safety must be written by the event manager or the crowd safety provider, describing every element of people's safety, both in normal and in emergency situations. Our consultants are available to advise you on this process and to analyze and review your current plans to ensure that they are fit for purpose and fully meet the set standards.
Our team can draft all your operational and safety documentation, including risk assessments, evacuation plans, capacity calculations and other documentation that is important for your assignment.
We are also able to take care of the entire purchasing process for services and safety materials for you, because of our many years of experience in the industry, we know all the inn & outs of the industry from which you can also gain qualitative benefits.